Chops Builder Ebook

I've gotten thousands and thousands of questions about 3 chop related issues.

They are addressed in this report.

The first topic is the basic pencil exercise and the advanced pencil exercise.
Finally pictures showing exactly how to do it.
The advanced exercise while being used for over 40 years has never been written about in any book. It will seriously build your range.

Chops Builder is a (14 page) 10 week isometric exercise course that will give you screamin chops, more trumpet range and tons of endurance. It has NO music.

The next topic is; how to reduce mouthpiece pressure.
I have discovered a very unique way to hold the horn that allows you to play normally and look normal but prevents you from being able to use excessive mouthpiece pressure.
This includes several pictures to show exactly how and why it works.

The last topic is; about how some people get an open aperture from how they take a breath.
Thousands of players breathe in a way that forces them to reset the chops after every breath. This hinders consistency. Well in this case several pictures are worth more than 100,000 words. Most people never notice this has happened until I show them. But the results from knowing how to stop it are priceless.

This has been known to almost change players lives.

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