30 Min Bass Clef

Over the years I've had thousands of people ask how and what to practice when you only have 30 or so minutes a day.

Is there a way to maintain your skills or even to improve some of them.

Well now there is ;-)

After I released this for Trumpet I had lots of Bass Clef players ask for the 30 Minute book in Bass Clef. This is a transcription of my 30-minute trumpet workout, written one octave lower, in bass clef, for non-transposing instruments.

It is all about working both hard and smart. Not wasting 1 second of valuable practice time. And more importantly working each and every muscle and skill we need to play well.

This book does that.

30 Minutes A Day to Better Playing is all about working both hard and smart.

9 unique Musical Trombone Music exercises that will work the mind, slide positions, tonguing skills, breathing, breath support, tongue arch, tongue hiss, flexibility, range.... In short everything.

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