Pros Ebook

Ever want a lesson from a real expert in:

What Bill Adam teaches:

How Caruso used the 6 notes:

Claude Gordon and his teachings:

What Arnold Jacobs taught:

Don Jacoby and his approaches to trumpet:

The Maggio method:

Donald Reinhardt ideas:

Roy Stevens embouchure:

Robert Weast and his embouchure studies:

Well leading experts in those fields explain them in my trumpet compilation “The Pros Talk Embouchure”.

Many say a great deal more than about just embouchure and talk about practice, breath support…

In this 244 page Ebook are the thoughts of over 70 Trumpet pros:

20 of them are Authors of over 72 trumpet books, college trumpet professors and noted teachers, pro players who have recorded over 3,500 movie, tv and cartoon soundtracks, embouchure clinicians, mouthpiece and trumpet designers and makers.

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