14 Trumpet Ebook Set

My trumpet teaching and trumpet books and trumpet method have been mentioned and quoted in dissertations, magazines, other books, web sites and even youtube videos. Learn how to play the trumpet the Pops way.

I am pleased and honored to have my trumpet books, trumpet method, ideas and teaching mentioned and quoted and to have this site listed in the TOP 10 Trumpet sites in these books:

"Tongue Level & Air"
by Eric Bolvin
"Sound the Trumpet: How to Blow Your Own Horn"
by Jonathan Harnum
"Trumpet Pedagogy"
by David Hickman
"Embouchure Enhancement" books
by Roddy Lewis
"Trumpeting by Nature: An Efficient Guide to Optimal Trumpet Performance"
by Jeanne Pocius
as well as in the International Trumpet Guild Journal, Overture, Windplayer many dissertations and even several Utube teaching videos done by other teachers.

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