Be Your Own Teacher. 3 hour video multimedia Ebook

This is a MultiMedia Ebook with 3 hours of video, web links and audio. It teaches all aspects of trumpet playing.

It features Andrea Tofanelli, Keith Wood, Rex Merriweather, Keith Fiala and Greg Kuehn. This Multi-Media work is the best trumpet course I have ever seen. I started this project 6 years before I finished it. (A few of the clips are from 2004 and the latest clips are from 2010) I kept changing things to make the ideas easier to learn.

These clips are from REAL lessons.
You hear and see the playing problem
and I walk them through a new technique and then you hear and see the new result.

The clips in the multimedia book have NOT been edited so you see what works, when and how it works. With the music in the book you can work on some the same basic exercises.

It covers topics like:
Tongue arch
Breath Support
Lip Buzzing
Mouthpiece Buzzing
Sound Models
And others.

There is something in this Video Ebook for everyone at every playing level.

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