The Next Level

Most people work on range by playing scales and arpeggios. Most range books use these because they LOOK good in print. Scales to Double High C LOOK good. Sadly they don't make your range playable in real music.

To play usable high notes, you need to practice music in the upper register.

I looked at a LOT of music for flute, clarinet, piano...

I looked for music that worked on basic trumpet skills but in a register that we don't normally practice those skills.

"The Next Level" is a collection of music that will help teach you to PLAY music in the upper register.
This music will make you stretch out and improve your technique in the upper register and help you to become what MOST lead players are not.


I use this music in my in-person lessons and people are surprised that anyone tries to play this type of music in this register.
Regardless of your current playing level. "The Next Level" will not only challenge you, but it will also guide you to improvement in all areas of the trumpet.

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